five short poems on Zen

xena glas
1 min readMay 25, 2021
Photo by Ives on Unsplash

The Cliff

Earth opens and purifies itself in the sea
The void carries air down, detaching it from formations
But I stay, letting the world flow through me

At the bus stop

My thoughts consume me.
Low murmuring, the smell of gasoline
and everyone plugged in, waiting in private bubbles.

Breathe in,
breathe out.
Return to this earth.

And for a split second,
I felt the life of the planet.
The wildflowers beneath my feet

not an object, but a collection of what has been.
From seed to full bloom,
not just alive, conscious.

Until my mind let go,
or rather, grasped.
My thoughts consume me.​

Will I decay into the ground
Becoming the flower that rises

Will my soul nourish the earth
All of my person remaining

Will time pass

Not created
Nor destroyed
Is nothing lost?

The wall stares back at me
Taunting me with its stillness
It holds the infinity of the universe
Yet, unmoving
Happy nor sad
It sits here

I miss the heat
The way it relaxes my body
I feel it sink into my muscles
The calm embrace spreading through me
My body rising
The warm, dry air
Liberating me

​© 2019 Xena Glas